Mantras: An Introduction

What Are Mantras?

With so many things happening in our lives every single day, and so many things to think about or to worry about, our brains, bodies, minds, and souls have trouble becoming free. However, it is essential for the human mind and body to take a rest, to crawl instead of sprint, and to truly see instead of glimpse.

How can we rid our minds of the happenings and worries of daily life in order to slow down and focus? Practicing mindfulness is one way that we can remove ourselves from the battering of daily life in order to become present and aware. When we let mindfulness into our daily routines, we are opening ourselves up to simplicity, rest, healing, and peace.

The question many people have is how they can begin practicing mindfulness in a way that makes sense for their lives. They see the purpose and the importance, but they haven’t been able to discover the key to making it work for them.

The answer for many of these people is mantras.

a Buddhist monk and written prayersHave you ever thought about the different sounds you make while you practice yoga or meditation? Maybe you say certain words or phrases that help to keep you focused and prevent your mind from running.

These sounds or words are mantras. Saying mantras is a great way to practice mindfulness because you are already slowing down and focusing your mind. This practice is quite centering, freeing up mind and soul space from nagging thoughts and helping the brain to slow down.

When people begin to regularly and intentionally use mantras, they are entering a state of mindfulness practice. This practice grows them and helps them to nurture their whole selves.

Understanding Mantras

In Sanskrit, mantra means “vehicle of the mind.” Mantras give your mind a peaceful and intentional flow, protecting it from an onslaught of thoughts, opinions, and other things that are overwhelming for the mind, body, and soul.

When you use mantras in your daily life, you find a deeper ability to focus and to feel peace. Using them during yoga and meditation enables you to give your breath and body what it needs, reducing the chatter and turmoil of the mind.

a man and a prayer wheel

Mantras for Meditation, Yoga, and Mindful Living

Mantras are sounds, phrases, and solo words. They can be said during yoga or meditation, and they can also be repeated when you need to center yourself, such as in mindfulness. They can be said silently or out loud, depending on your specific situation.

Both yoga and meditation are important parts of mindful living. They are both things you can practice to recenter and gain clarity. Repeated mantras throughout your day are also needed to help retain your focus and your peace.

Mantras During Meditation

Getting started with meditation is hard. When someone isn’t used to sitting still, keeping quiet, and focusing on intentional breathing, they easily get distracted and lose their resolve.

Mantras provide the perfect bit of focus and intention that can keep almost anyone on track. During meditation, if your mind begins to wander and starts thinking about pretty much anything, you can begin to repeat your mantra. This will cause your mind to pause and head back to its place of quiet and focus.

Your mantra will help you regain your attention, keeping you in that state of meditation longer. You can even use focused mantras that can help you manifest your goals, your abilities, and your future. These types of mantras can ground you in the present while you prepare your mind, body, and soul for whatever is ahead.

playing a singing bowl

Mantras During Yoga

When you are practicing yoga, mantras provide the same type of focus and calm that they do during meditation. However, during yoga, you are moving and practicing yoga poses instead of sitting still in a place of meditation.

Typically during yoga, mantras focus on the task at hand. They often regard physical capabilities and the outcome you are looking to achieve with your practice. Simple mantras such as, “I am filled with strength,” or “I have the energy I need,” can help you keep yourself focused and balanced as you practice yoga.

Keep your mind and your body focused during yoga with success-oriented mantras.

Using mantras in your day-to-day, as well as in your yoga and meditation practices is a great way to keep yourself free from stress and overwhelm. They play a key role in mindfulness, which is essential for clarity and peace of mind.

When you take the time to regularly use mantras, you will gain a beautifully clear head that will help you let go of things undeserving of your time and attention. You will be ready to prioritize the things that are important while giving other things a back seat.

Mantras and mindfulness help us focus our lives and discover the peace lying within us all. So, choose a few words, take some slow deep breaths, and begin the practice of saying mantras.