Matt Swanner embarked on his journey as a certified yoga teacher in 2016, after completing his 200-hour training. With a soul deeply rooted in artistry and music, Matt is not just a yoga instructor but also a passionate artist and musician. His multifaceted talents and interests have beautifully converged, guiding him to the path of Bhakti yoga – a practice enriched by heart-opening mantras and sacred chants.

Matt’s teaching philosophy is anchored in the belief that yoga is a profound journey inward. He is dedicated to inspiring his students to explore the depths of their being, unlocking layers of self-discovery and inner peace. Each session with Matt is an invitation to a holistic experience that weaves together fluid movement, intentional breath work, meditative stillness, and the resonant power of mantra.

In the sanctuary of his classes, students are encouraged to transcend the physical and emotional boundaries, fostering a deep connection to the self and the universe. Matt’s ultimate aspiration is to be a catalyst for transformation and healing, illuminating the path for others to discover the harmonious dance of body, mind, and spirit.

Every class is a symphony of soulful expressions, where the rhythms of breath, the melody of movement, and the harmony of sounds create a transcendent experience. Join Matt in this sacred space, where each practice is a celebration of the soul’s journey, a narrative of discovery, and a testament to the transformative power of yoga and music.