Community Kirtan

at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge

Community Kirtan at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge

Whether you’re seeking a new form of meditation, interested in exploring the power of sound, or simply curious about kirtan, Bhakti Circle welcomes you. Come and chant your heart out, spread light and love, and be part of a community that celebrates the beauty of collective spiritual expression.

Join Matt & friends for a monthly kirtan that promises more than just an evening of music – it’s a transformative experience that touches the heart and uplifts the spirit – a celebration of light, love, and community.

About Kirtan

Kirtan is an ancient practice that uses the power of sound, rhythm, and melody to connect us to ourselves and each other. It’s a form of call-and-response chanting that originates from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, a path of devotion and heart-centered living. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of mantras, kirtan offers a unique and inclusive way to explore spirituality, mindfulness, and inner peace.