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Matt discovered his passion for the practice of yoga after relocating to South Florida in the Fall of 2014.

Like many people, his yoga was born of a grueling and unexpected life change, and after experiencing the immense physical and emotional healing that yoga offered, he knew that teaching others this life-changing practice was the next step in his own personal evolution…

It was a beautiful October day in South Florida, and I dropped in to an evening Vinyasa class at Kula Yoga Shala. I had practiced yoga before as part of one of those popular 90-day workout DVDs, and I absolutely hated it! I thought “Why don’t they just call this what it is – a thousand push-ups?!”

I had no idea that my life was changing as I followed along with the practice. I was having lots of fun, and was proud of myself for being able to keep up fairly well. It was beautiful October evening in South Florida. The sun was setting, and the whole sky was on fire… It was immediately after the class that I knew something had actually shifted inside me.

I remember standing in the parking lot afterward, stunned by the peace and clarity that had washed over me. I walked into that class angry. I felt like I had lost everything, that the world had been so unfair to me, and I left feeling a thousand pounds lighter… I get emotional every time I think about it.

Matt’s practice continued, attending weekly asana classes and immersing himself in the local yoga community. He would eventually begin exploring other schools in order to experience different styles and teachers, and eventually realized that the decision to become a yoga teacher had been made for him. It was no longer a matter of “if” – but “when”.

Matt graduated from Kula’s Yoga Teacher Training program in June of 2016, fully-immersed in the study of yoga philosophy, asana practice, pranayama, meditation, and mantra. His goal as a yoga teacher is to meet each and every student where they are, and to offer insight into the healing practice of yoga.