Product Description

I don’t tell many people this, but Kurt Cobain owned this couch.

I don’t tell people that because it’s a bald-faced-lie. Kurt Cobain never owned this couch. My former brother-in-law did. While that is far less exciting, this couch is fairly awesome, only slightly worn in a couple of areas, and well-worth the damage you’re going to do to your back and my door frames getting it out of my townhouse. Both ends recline with ease, making Saturday-night snuggles with your best girl (or guy) simply the finest snuggles currently allowed by both physics, and local/state legislation.

And let’s face it – you can tell people Kurt Cobain owned it if you want. Who are they argue? They don’t know, and I’m not diming you out. We’re buddies.

Dimensions: 90″L x 44″ D x 40″H