Super-Fancy Glass End Tables


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These fantastic one-of-a-kind* glass end tables are a STEAL at only $200/pair.

There are two. They are in great shape. Obviously some minor dings, and light scratches here and there. I have kids. Three kids. Do you know what three kids can do to furniture? Get off my back.

Did I mention they’re VERSATILE?

I only photographed one because the other is upstairs right now, acting as a bedside table. That’s right – a bedside table.

* Obviously Rooms-to-Go made a hundred thousand of these back in the day. Why are you listening to me when I say things like “One-of-a-Kind” anyway? We both know I’m a slick ad-guy. I’ll say anything to close a deal. Like this:

“Buy these end tables BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and I’ll score you a date with the beautiful Meagan Fox.”

I don’t know Meagan Fox. You KNOW that I don’t know Meagan Fox. How on Earth would I go about getting you a date with Meagan Fox? You let me worry about that shit, young Padawan. For right now, you just need to concern yourself with buying these amazing one-of-a-kind** glass end tables.

** and anyway there are TWO of them. How the hell are they one-of-a-kind when I personally have two of them? Somebody needs to get their facts checked…


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