SOLD – Rincon Giant 24-Speed Mountain Bike

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Picture yourself finally getting off the couch, putting down that bag of stale Cheetos, and hitting the trail on this well-maintained beast of a mountain bike.

Have you ever seen those amazing commercials for cell phones and automobiles that depict rugged badasses testing their limits on some of mother nature’s most treacherous cliffside terrain?

Yeah you probably shouldn’t try that stuff with this bike, or without proper training and practice…

The Rincon Giant is apparently a good “beginner” mountain bike. I know this because as I was reading up on it in order to write this amazing product description, I remember thinking:

“I paid like $400 bucks for this f#*%ing bike and it’s for BEGINNERS?!”

Seriously – I paid $400 bucks for it. This is a damn fire sale people. You better believe at these prices, supplies won’t last (I only have one). Also – you know that’s the sexiest shade of mountain-bike-red you’ve ever seen. The ladies will swoon for you on this bad boy, and is that TWO mounted water bottle racks?!

Holy crap. It is. Mind = Blown

The bike has been stored indoors, professionally tuned up once or twice, and admittedly I didn’t get off the couch (this couch – also for sale) often enough to do anything spectacular with it.

It’s in great shape. I don’t know exactly what the min and max height are on this beast, but I’m 6’3″, so it’s for giants.

Act now, and I’ll throw in the combo lock.


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