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Don’t be one of those shmucks hauling ass down the highway wearing only a t-shirt. While I’m sure your motorcycle driving skills are the stuff of legend, most of the people sharing the road with you couldn’t care less how easy it would be to hospitalize you.

Seriously… people are bad drivers, and your skin is important, ya knucklehead.

That said – I present to you a pretty badass Joe Rocket Textile motorcycle jacket with removable rain liner. It was used for a very short period years ago when a motorcycle was my only means of transportation, and has been hanging in my closet ever since. This means it’s had minimal wear, and is in fairly excellent condition.

There really is no limit to just how amazing you’ll look in this jacket… seriously. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to waltz into a McDonalds looking like an ass-kicking robot soldier from the future, let me go ahead and tell you – it feels amazing.

If the ladies aren’t hurling their phone numbers at you, and declaring undying devotion for you within 90 seconds of donning this super kickass piece of body armor, you need to reconsider that ridiculous haircut.

This jacket is easily worth 20 million dollars. It’s yours, today only*, for $200.

Supplies are limited. Act now.


* This isn’t true. The price will remain $200 indefinitely. That’s called “creating a sense of urgency” for you non-marketing folks…


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