Glass Coffee Table with NEW RUBBER DEALIES!

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That’s right – this fabulous, modern, glass-top coffee table will make you the envy of every drunken bafoon at your next Superbowl party when you mention that the little rubber-spacer things that hoist the incredibly solid glass tabletop 1/4 inch from it’s legs are PRACTICALLY BRAND NEW.

To say that this coffee table opens doors to thousands of entertaining possibilities would be the understatement of the millennium folks. It can be used to support:

  • coffee
  • books
  • laptops
  • video game controllers
  • TV dinners
  • and SO much much more!

The list goes on and on. Seriously, give me an hour, and I’ll write the longest, most ridiculous list of things ever conceived. I don’t think I need to tell you this, but you need a glass-top coffee table. Your neighbors just bought one, and you look like an idiot without one.

Now, I need you to try and control your enthusiasm, but  I also have two matching end-tables. You could have END TABLES, that match your COFFEE TABLE. Look at you! All grown-up…


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