Curtis 19″ 720p LED HDTV DVD Combo with Busted-Ass DVD Player

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OK, confession time… I purchased this as an open-box Christmas gift for my eldest minion from the rat bastards at HH Greg in Cary NC, and they full-on sold me a unit with a busted DVD player, because they hate Christmas.

I hung it on the wall anyway because… well… let’s face it parents. After waking up hungover at 4am on a freezing-cold Christmas morning and consuming enough caffeine to kill a small horse – returning the crappy little knockoff TV I bought my 12-year-old so that he could play Call-of-Duty at god knows what hour was NOT an option.

Suck it up kid. You have an iPhone for cryin’ out loud.


All the other ports/connections work just fine as far as I know, AND this one has a remote. Fancy eBay page for this unit is here:

I’m no expert, but I’m almost 96% certain that if you don’t buy this TV right now, you will set forth a series of events that will unravel the space time continuum, and destroy all life as we know it… everywhere… forever.

That means no more LOLcats. Oh, and we lost the TVs base within minutes of opening it I’m sure.


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