The Dharma of Stock Photography

I’m a graphic and web designer. It’s what I do for money (I teach yoga for my soul). As a web designer, I work quite often with stock photography, and I find myself repeatedly telling colleagues and clients not to get too attached to the idea of finding the “perfect” stock photo.

It’s NEVER gonna happen.

I learned this the hard way, over many years. When I was a budding young designer I would spend hours going through images, always finding some little nit picky thing to be dissatisfied with.

“The lighting is bad. The baby isn’t looking at the camera. If only that sky weren’t so overcast!”

Then it occurred to me that I could continue focusing on what I didn’t like, or I could pick a photo that was 90% perfect and get on with the design. Once I realized this, I found my work far more satisfying. I let go of my attachment to the idea of perfection and I not only became more productive – I also started cranking out work that was way better than I thought it could be.

Life is like a stock photo*

It’s never going to be perfect, but if you stop and think about it – it’s pretty darn close already, isn’t it? You have a roof over your head, food in your belly, family and friends that love you, and (I’m guessing) a really nice smartphone in your hand. It may not be the latest and greatest smart phone, but it’s pretty awesome. Don’t believe me? Try misplacing one evening before bedtime (No joke… I almost burst into tears).

Through practice, we start to become more aware of our blessings and we start worrying less about the minor imperfections that once stood out so boldly. We begin living from a place of gratitude and contentment.

So stop fretting over those unimportant details. Stop focusing on those minor aspects of your life that you feel are lacking, and start cranking out a life that’s even better than you thought it would be!

After all, it’s already 90% perfect, am I right?

*I defy you to read that again and not hear Forrest Gump’s voice in your head.

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